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Your SEO & PCC Strategy for Christmas 2012

Xmas Tree (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With only 27 days left to Christmas many of us are thinking how to use this festive period in our SEO strategies.

Christmas is a great period for most of e-commerce websites, especially those ones selling presents, gadgets and gifts. According to Internet Retailing British customers will spend £ 7bn online this Christmas.

How to intensify our SEO before Xmas?

1. Start your SEO campaign 3-6 months prior to busy Christmas period.
2. Make sure your website is also accessible on mobiles, many potential clients of yours will be looking for the Xmas gifts on their mobiles (predicted spent £ 1bn), so you can not afford to miss this valuable traffic.
3. Monitor and optimise your keywords and Christmas trends (Google Trends can help you with that).
4. Analyse your competitors and their Xmas tactic.
5. Create Christmas banners and landing pages.
6. Us the same Christmas target pages every year and switch them off once the Xmas campaign is over, but keep them l…

Search Love 2012

A week ago I was privileged to attend one of the best SEO conferences in this country - SearchLove 2012!

It was a great conference giving us SEOs some insights to the changes happening in the search field.

DAY 1 SearchLove 

I enjoyed the live review of the “Live Site Reviews” - given us by Wil Reynolds, Stephen Pavlovich & Hannah Smith. They points on improving the three discussed websites were spot on.

This was followed by:
1. "The Life of an In-House SEO” - Justin Briggs
2. "The Future of Small Business SEO” - Guy Levine
3. "Beyond Linkbait: First Steps to a Content Strategy” - Mark Johnstone
4. "Let's Get Real” - All Speakers
5. "Chasing Algorithms: Think Deviously, Act Angelic and Never get Hit by a Penalty” - Wil Reynolds
6. "Do Social Signals Actually Play a Part in Search Rankings” - Heather Healy
7. "Growth Hacks” - Mat Clayton
8. "Head to Head: Inbound Marketing on a Shoestring” - Rand Fishkin
9. Head to Head: Inbound Marketing …