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Links I love

A few links and tools I love and cannot imagine life without:

SEOmoz blog

Organise your content online
Bundlr - Organise your online world - Publish beautiful magazines online
Storify - Create social stories
Pearltrees - yet another place to organise your online collections

The best social monitoring tools
Radian6- social media engagement

Social Sharing
Pinterest - who does not know our lovely Pinterest?

Prescription Glasses - beautiful glasses, perfect quality and ideal price.
10+ WordPress page templates for all needs
Free Magento Themes - Experiment on exposing weaknesses in Google, Bing and Yahoo
Ruby on Rails
Free Wireframe Mockup Tools
Build With - find out what a website is build with!
How I Hijacked Rand Fishkin’s Blog
Diagnose Traffic Drop

In your free time watch game of thrones online

Amazing Hosting
Hosting House

Web Building, tutorials, ideas, tips...

HTML code tutorial
Build your website II: enhance your site
7 techniques to improve your web designs


145 Articles to Make SEO Your Bitch

10 great free mac apps for web developers

Blog Directory
Link Directory
Online Marketing
Add blog to our directory.
Ethical Directory
Logo Design
Keyword Research Tutorial
Google SEO Guide
PowerMapper - a tool for website mapping and testing web sites for accessibility, broken links, browser compatibility and errors.

Save your money with Money Saving Girl
Get awesome Christmas gifts for boyfriend online :-)
and save on your business travel with Co-op Travel Management.

Popular posts from this blog

BrightonSEO April 2014 Takeways

A few days ago I had a chance to attended yet another #BrightonSEO, where I saw many talented speakers sharing their SEO insights/tips and tools. Below are some points gathered from a few sessions I went to.

Malcolm Coles ‘How I earned loads of links by ignoring SEO’– its titles however controversial for us SEOs made perfect sense having heard Malcolm’s point of view or I shall rather say experience with link building.
1. Earn links when going viral after releasing some low cost (based on open source code) games. The game ‘Where is Damascus’ has got picked up and shared by such authoritative sites such as Independent or New York Times. Another great piece of content created by Malcolm- a quiz ‘How much are you hated by Daily Mail’ got also naturally shared due to its controversiality and hence popularity.
2. 'High jack the news’ – use hot news to your advantage. This shows that an interesting content triggering people’s emotions get discovered and shared naturally…
3. Adjust co…

BrightonSEO 2016 Videos, Presentations & Slides

Yet another #BrightonSEO conference has ended. Many thanks to Woorank for my free ticket :-) and for the below drawing (you had to choose 3 balls with key-words for Woorank to draw it :-)
The sessions I attended:
Nichola Stott - SEO SUX: How and Why UX Must Be Front and Centre to Your Technical Strategy
1. Young generation (Generation Z) expects to get a cool product, whereas older generation still cares very much about a cool experience, focus on your products, since generation Z will become 40% of all customers by 2020!
2. She recommended a presentation of Paul Haahr (Google engineer) to learnHow Google works & Ilya Gregorik 'Preconnect, prefetch, prerender...'to get some best practice for optimisation :-)
3. Nichola reminded how important are:
-  page speed (use Google Speed Tool to check your site uploading time)
-  all device accessibility (go for responsive design & AMP-accelerated mobile pages project)
-  and direct to object (did you know that 75% of Buzzfeed v…

How to spot content gaps which will bring your site traffic - 5 simple steps

The above question is the one I hear every time I talk to bloggers or content marketers...
Everyone not only bloggers needs to figure out what to write about though.

There are a few ways to check that out. My favourite is using a tool called SEMrush.

1. Figure out your competitors - simply by googling the phrases you should or are ranking or when using a modifier 'related:(your site URL without any prefixes such as http/https or www)'

2. If you know your competitors you simply check their % traffic growth YoY and analyse which one had invested in SEO and increased the traffic to the site.

3. The next step would be to check which folder/dirctory is the most successful one and why exactly. This check alone should give you many ideas 'what to write about and what actually sells on their sites'.

4. Collate all the keywords your competitors rank and analyse which ones bring them traffic (SEMrush gives you some estimates here)

5. Create content for the most searched keywords.