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Your SEO & PCC Strategy for Christmas 2012

Xmas Tree
Xmas Tree (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With only 27 days left to Christmas many of us are thinking how to use this festive period in our SEO strategies.

Christmas is a great period for most of e-commerce websites, especially those ones selling presents, gadgets and gifts. According to Internet Retailing British customers will spend £ 7bn online this Christmas.

How to intensify our SEO before Xmas?

1. Start your SEO campaign 3-6 months prior to busy Christmas period.
2. Make sure your website is also accessible on mobiles, many potential clients of yours will be looking for the Xmas gifts on their mobiles (predicted spent £ 1bn), so you can not afford to miss this valuable traffic.
3. Monitor and optimise your keywords and Christmas trends (Google Trends can help you with that).
4. Analyse your competitors and their Xmas tactic.
5. Create Christmas banners and landing pages.
6. Us the same Christmas target pages every year and switch them off once the Xmas campaign is over, but keep them linked from somewhere on your website anyway (f.e. HTML sitemap).
7. Offer great Xmas discounts and promotions (this could be done via creative press releases).
8. Do not forget about Google Merchant Center.
9. Concentrate on producing high quality Christmas related content.
10. Build Christmas related links with your great unique and informative content. Use Followerwonk to reach audience which may help you publish your content.
11. Create presentations on Slideshare, guides on Scribd and engaging short stories on websites such as or
12. Create eye catching and interesting videos about your bestselling products
13. Tweet, share your content on Facebook and most of all use Pinterest and Google + to spread the ideas.
14. Create apps if you are in the industry where users will benefit of using yours apps.
15. Create vouchers for your potential customers.
16. Organise Christmas competitions and promote them across all your social media.
17. Make sure your customer know your USP whatever it is (f.e. it could be a free guaranteed delivery before Christmas or a free gift with every order above £100).

PPC tips for this Christmas

1. Create interesting Christmas related eye-catching landing pages with unique Xmas offers.
2. Make sure you concentrate your campaigns on certain week days with special attention being given to Mondays. According to Kenshoo Online Retail Insights reports Mondays are the best days for sales for many e-commerce websites. That is usually confirmed soon after Cyber Monday happening on last Monday of November every year.
3. Pay attention to mobile and tablet users, their number increases every year.
4. Do not forget about last time shoppers, focus your campaign and budget on them in the last week prior to Christmas.

Following these tips should help you gain more traffic and revenue to your website in that busy Xmas period.
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