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Facebook Timeline - For Better or For Worse?

Is it not great to be able to tell your  life story said via unique image that represents you best?

It looks like from 31th of March 2012  we will all have to switch our current Facebook pages to the new format and implement our own Facebook timeline stories.

When doing so make sure that your timeline cover - the first thing people see when they visit your timeline is spot on. Open up your Photoshop and design the best cover ever, as seen below :

If you need some inspiration Google the best ones.

Place events, milestones and other important events from your life, share and comment on your own and friends wall posts, listen to the music together with your friends. Decide what to highlight and simply engage with new Facebook timeline.

Express yourself through various easily accessible apps, including my favourite Pinterest.

Whatever you do on your new Facebook timeline remember to make a good use of the new Facebook timeline dimensions: 

Is then new Facebook timeline for better of for worse?


Martyna's SEO Predictions for 2012..

Here is my belated post regarding SEO prediction for 2012...I wrote it originally when I still was working for my old company - CLickThrough Marketing...but since it is a nice post I guess its worth sharing here too:-)
When it comes to making predictions, no-one has an infallible magic crystal ball. But here at ClickThrough, we’ve got Senior SEO Account Exec, Martyna Sroka – our very own Mystic (Marketing) Meg. She’s gazed into the future of SEO and drawn some conclusions about the industry in 2012. Of course, nobody can predict for certain what Google, Yahoo! or Microsoft have up their sleeves. But Martyna’s run the risk of embarrassment in 12 months’ time, and put together a list of her predictions for the coming year. We’ll be back in 2013 to mock her if she gets any of these wrong. SEO in 2012 needs to be supported by a strong social media marketing strategy with an increasing focus on Google+. We’ll see more big businesses adopting heavily-optimised Brand Pages on the young social ne…