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Website Migration – Best SEO Practices

Website migration is an exclusively technical process handled by the website developers or hosts. However migration can cause negative impact on search results, it can reduce traffic and therefore conversions for the website.

In order to manage a successful migration the following best-practice points should be considered:

1. 301 URL migrations. It is essential from an SEO point of view to ensure that content and URLs are mapped from the old website to the new website using a 301 permanent redirect. Redirections should be carried out on a page-level basis, rather than a site-wide redirection to maintain internal link equity, existing traffic and a good user experience.  Extra care should be taken on well-linked and traffic heavy content pages. It is recommended to carry out a content audit to ensure all website assets have been properly migrated and positioned in the new website structure.

2.Internal Links All internal links on the new website should be updated to reflect the new str…