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BrightonSEO 2013 Takeways

Although it has been exactly a month since BrightonSEO I decided to share with you my favourite takeaways from BrightonSEO. It is an awesome free SEO conference in a beautiful city, so if you haven't attended yet try to do that next time because it is well worth it!

International SEO –Aleyda Solis SEER Interactive
·        Check where are my current visitors coming from? What keywords and pages are attracting International traffic right now (GA&GWT). ·         Do a keyword research for other countries, use tools such as SEMrush to see SEO visibility in particular countries ·         International SEO isn’t all about translating – It’s about customer behaviour and penetration of services - Research your potential audience using TNS Digital Life or comScore Data Mine. ·         Lexipedia to identify the relevant localized terms. ·         Analyse competitors and their USP, targeted keywords etc. use Google Display Network site to find out more about them  ·         Consider the best …