SEO Predictions for 2013

2012 was rather a challenging year for all SEOs out there, with many algorithm updates of Panda, new updates such as Penguin or EMD our life became definitely harder...

What can we expect in 2013?

Google will keep up with search improvements and this means CHANGES...I am not any SEO wizard and I must say some of my last year SEO prediction didn't come true hence will try to keep my 2013 year predictions rather concise.

After new year I will pay more attention to:

Authorship - as every SEO I already have Google+ profile and even though I don't use it as often as I would like to I see Google recognition of my person in SERPS. Having an established authorship and associating good quality content with it will definitely be the way AJ Kohn states autorship will be bigger than "Panda and Penguin combined"
rel="author" in practice

 Rich snippets - I have noticed that websites using rich snippets rank better than their competitors which don't use them... Google loves structured data, so take this opportunity to tell Google what's important on your website, show Google and users great content, spot on images and fabulous videos, enhance users searches and bring more traffic to your website!

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- Optimise for mobiles and tablets and never forget about the website speed! The quicker your website uploads the happier your users & Google will be. Make sure your website upload time is below 3 seconds. Find out more about optimising your website speed looking at GoogleSpeed Insights.

Coming back to mobile versions of the website make sure you allow Google, precisely Googlebot-Mobile crawl the page (submit the mobile page site map to Google ). If your mobile website is not built using responsive design or is not dynamically serving different HTML on the same URL but displays the mobile version on the URL different to desktop version make sure you use rel="alternate" tag*.

*Rel="alternate" tag placed on the main desktop page allows Google to understand the configuration of the website, letting Google know that there is a mobile website as well. Rel="alternate" tag points out to the corresponding mobile website. Mobile site should have a canonical tag (rel="canonical" ) in place, so that it points out to the desktop page and there is a full visibility that these two websites exist at the same time. Mention rel alternate in XML sitemap of the website.

Here is how Conductor sees SEO challenges in 2013:

Mobilise your website this year using How to Go Mo or GoMobi

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