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Disavow links

Finally after months of contacting website owners and trying to find the original owner of the 'suspicious links' we're finally going to be able to disavow some of the bad SEO linking building that was done in the past.

Today (16th of October 2012) Google has finally released a new tool 'Disavow links'. So that now we will be able to remove all the suspicious links (paid links, link exchanges, or other link schemes that violate Google's quality guidelines) ourselves without any need to get in touch with the websites owners/ web developers.

How to use 'Disavow links'?

Ok, so ever since we got notified about the 'unnatural links' pointing out to our site we had removed as many 'bad links',as possible so far but we still have some of them and it looks like we  cannot do anything about taking them down...That is the moment where 'disavow links' tool comes in place. Visit the Disavow links page to discover.

At the next step you will t…