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Google Panda Update

24.02.2011Googlehas introducedfurther changesin itsalgorithm, this time changes are to bemore pronouncedthan usual.

Whatdoes this mean fortheSEO?

Thisset of changes inSEO may affect approximately11.8% of the search queries andwill applyto the mainpartof the contentpublishedonline. The purpose of the algorithm refresh is to eliminatethenetwork of siteswith lowqualitycontent that isnot valuableenoughtousers andoften havecopiedcontentsfrom other sites and online sources.

This changewill mean that the Internet users will benefit fromvaluable, unique, informative and insightful content.

This changedoes not resultonly fromtakinginto account the commentsand suggestionsarisingfrom the users of popular Chrome plug-in :PersonalBlocklist(which, incidentally,wasalsoput into operationlast week).

Unfortunately,the newGooglealgorithmwill be presentinitiallyin the U.S.,and thenwill beextendedto other countries..