#BrightonSEO 2018 is just around the corner as it starts at 10:00 on 27/04/2018.

There is a tonne of very interesting talks to choose from held in 6-7 different locations,
so you better read the agenda to choose the speakers and presentations of interest to you and your
everyday SEO activities:
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PART I - April 27, 10:00 AM - 11:15 AM

1. Content - Auditorium 1

Marcus Tober - Out with the Old, in with the Niche: Content for the Moments That Matter

Eleni Cashell - How to Unleash The Power Of Unique Content

Steve Rayson & Giles Palmer - How Metrics and Data Drive Content Effectiveness

2. Tech SEO - Auditorium 2

Tom Pool - Command Line Hacks For SEO
Tom Anthony - Diving into HTTP/2 - a Guide for SEO
Emily Mace - Diagnosing Common Hreflang tag issues on page and in sitemaps

3. E-commerce - Syndicate 1&2

Vlassios Rizopoulos - What a search engine can teach you about product sitemaps Katherine Khoo - Selling on other Search Engines 
Raj Nijjer - 10 Things Your Customers Hate About You

4. Machine Learning - Syndicate 3&4

Chris Liversidge - Using Machine Learning Technology to Build Audience-Led Analytics 

Fran├žois Goube - Beyond Technical SEO, How to deal with Rankbrain and AI in SEO 

George Karapalidis - Using machine learning to predict keyword revenue

5. Facebook

David Whatley - Facebook Location Structures for Multi-location Brands
Marie Page - Harnessing the Power of Facebook Groups
Gavin Bell - Amplify your content with Facebook ads

6. Agency

Peter Watson-Wailes - A New Era for the Digital Agency 

Charlie Whitworth - Dealing With Tricky Development Resource  

7. International SEO

Anna Milburn - Merging Translation and SEO to drive global success

PART II - April 27, 11:45 AM - 13:00 PM

1. Onsite - Auditorium 1

Fili Wiese - Optimizing for Search Bots 

Alexis K Sanders - Advanced and Practical Structured Data with Schema.org  

Sam Marsden - Cut the Crap: Running Content Audits with Crawlers

2. Mobile First - Auditorium 2

Charo Paredes-Ortiz - App Marketing Case Studies

3. Eneterprise - Syndicate 1&2

Steph Vickers - Turning the oil tanker – keeping abreast of monster sites

Bill Sebald - How to tighten up your SEO on large websites

Rachel Costello - The Toughest Battles in SEO are Internal: How to Prioritise &Demonstrate Value

4. Grey - Syndicate 3&4

Kaspar Szymanski - Understanding Google Penalties by ex-Googler

Craig Campbell - Risks and Rewards of PBNs   

Chelsea Blacker - The Wild-west of ASO

5. PPC

Daniel Moore - The hidden potential of brand PPC  

Duane Brown - Competitor Bidding: The Halo Effect

Jeroen Maljers - Hidden Messages: The Psychology Behind PPC & SEO

6. Experimental

David Lockie - Blockchain, Digital Marketing, Disruption

Nicola Bullock - Meaningful SEO Reporting Insights without Google Analytics  

Danny Richman - How to increase conversions and rankings using the Limbic Map of the brain

7. International Social
Daiana Damacus - Avoiding a Traffic Jam Between Your Website and Social Media

LUNCH BREAK 13:00-14:30

PART III - April 27, 14:30 AM - 15:45 PM

1. Link Building - Auditorium 1

Greg Gifford - Link Building at a granular level

Laura Hogan - Big Links for £0

Marie Turner - Effective Ecommerce Link Building

2. SERPs  - Auditorium 2

Rob Bucci - Featured snippets: From then to now, volatility, and voice search

Sam Robson - From Black Friday to iPhones - how to rank for big terms on big days 

Jason Barnard - A Universal Strategy for Answer Engine Optimisation

3. Influencer Marketing - Syndicate 1&2

Hannah Butcher - How to Win Friends and Influence... Influencers 

Corinne Card - Digital PR on a budget: How to get awesome press links for SMEs

4. Site Speed - Syndicate 3&4

Bastian Grimm - Web Performance Madness: Critical Rendering Path Optimization

Maria Camanes Fores - Site Speed for in-house marketers: creating a culture of performance    Nichola Stott - Speed metrics in context of the UK Top 5,000 websites

5. Paid Search

Arianne Donoghue - The PPC Automation Revolution is Coming

Ryan Bertollini - Combining PPC and SEO strategies to improve CPC averages and save money with your ad budget

Chris Rowett - Supercharging Google Shopping

6. In House

Rachel Finch - Survival 101: Rules for making it as a brands only digital marketer

Taneth Evans - SEO for subscriptions: Flexible Sampling: now, then and next

7. International Search

Jitka Jizerova - Search Beyond Google: The Other Search Engines

PART IV - April 27, 16:00 AM - 17:00 PM

1. Advanced Keyword Research - Auditorium 1

Anna Corbett - How to identify search intent

Stephan Spencer - Perfect Keyword Strategy

Pat Reinhart & Tom Smits - How to do ecommerce keyword research at huge scale

2. Reporting  - Auditorium 2

Stephen Kenwright - How to report on SEO in 2018

Anna Lewis - Top GA customisations everyone should be using  

    Dana DiTomaso - The Math Behind Effective Reporting

    3. Reputation - Syndicate 1&2

    Ade Lewis - Why Brand Signals Are Replacing Authority

    Ross Tavendale - Killing Giants - How to Compete with Big Brands in the SERPs

    Julia Logan - Preemptive Reputation Management

    4. Strategy - Syndicate 3&4

    Georgina Park - How to plan a marketing strategy from scratch

    Adela Popilkova - The Revolution of Technology: Enabling marketers to understand and reach audiences

    Sabine Langmann - How to Expand to Different Markets

    5. Adverts

    Guy Levine - What we learnt from spending £1,000,000 on Facebook 

    Ashley Ward - Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Ad Copywriting Tips for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Adwords

    Rachel White - I test therefore I am- Practical PPC ad copy and landing page testing tips

    6. Content Production

    Nandini Jammi - The B2B content to sell your products 

    James Brockbank - Producing Link Worthy Content For Under £1k 

    Kim Slade - Power In Your Pocket: Mobile Video and How To Nail It

    PART V - April 27, 17:00 AM - 18:00 PM - Keynote - Auditorium 1

    KEYNOTE - Live Google Webmasters Hangout with John Mueller & Aleyda Solis

    PART VI - April 27, 18:00 AM - 19:30 PM - DRINKS - Deepcrawl East & West Bar

    PART VII - April 27, 19:30 AM - 11:00 PM - PIER AFTER PARTY - Palm Court - Brighton Pier