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What is and how to get on Google Knowledge Graph?

Google’s Knowledge Graph is a “massive graph of real-world things and their connections to bring more meaningful results.” In essence the graph search enhances the search engine results with semantic and conversational search information to provide meaningful results for the searcher. Knowledge Graph has been designed to answer users’ queries without a need to go to some websites for answers. It also helps discover existence of certain things and summarise relevant facts about those things. It helps us to do sightseeing (when showing interesting places to see displayed as a carousel, below our query) :

or plan our free time (e.g. live cinema listing):

Or get quick flight info:

Altogether there are around 16 different types of Google Knowledge Graph
As with lots of aspects of Google, there are no sure-fire ways to appear in Google’s Knowledge Graph. However, there are several ways we can help influence its chances of doing so.
How Google determines the entities for people, places and th…

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