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Do keywords still matter in the current SEO landscape?

Anchor Text Keywords

Since the beginning of August 2013, keyword-rich anchor texts have been losing their strength. As a result, large-scale link building done using blog guest posting, or advertorials and PRs, should not focus purely on getting the links through targeted keywords in the links anchor text. 
Optimising the anchor text has become obsolete because it violates Google Webmaster Guidelines. Matt Cutts – head of the Webspam team at Google – advises using the NOFOLLOW tag on advertorials, and also that widget links must be nofollowed. Links built these days should be as natural as possible – in fact they should be earned, not built, which means that, yet again, quality, engaging content is the best solution to handle this change.
Shifting Focus Away From Keywords (not provided)
Starting from September 22, Google decided to make all searches encrypted, which means from that day onwards marketers will no longer be able to see keyword-level data in any software analysing traffic to …