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E-Commerce Checkout - Consumer Psychology Infographic

Do keywords still matter in the current SEO landscape?

Anchor Text Keywords

Since the beginning of August 2013, keyword-rich anchor texts have been losing their strength. As a result, large-scale link building done using blog guest posting, or advertorials and PRs, should not focus purely on getting the links through targeted keywords in the links anchor text. 
Optimising the anchor text has become obsolete because it violates Google Webmaster Guidelines. Matt Cutts – head of the Webspam team at Google – advises using the NOFOLLOW tag on advertorials, and also that widget links must be nofollowed. Links built these days should be as natural as possible – in fact they should be earned, not built, which means that, yet again, quality, engaging content is the best solution to handle this change.
Shifting Focus Away From Keywords (not provided)
Starting from September 22, Google decided to make all searches encrypted, which means from that day onwards marketers will no longer be able to see keyword-level data in any software analysing traffic to …

BrightonSEO September 2013 Takeways

It has been a month since we all had a chance to experience another BrightonSEO. Yet again the conference was amazing and of course the opportunities for networking were priceless - no MasterCard will ever serve you that sort of fun!

The sessions I attended were really interesting, let me present you a  few of them using the below shown slides:

BrightonSEO September 2013 from Martyna Sroka

Website Migration – Best SEO Practices

Website migration is an exclusively technical process handled by the website developers or hosts. However migration can cause negative impact on search results, it can reduce traffic and therefore conversions for the website.

In order to manage a successful migration the following best-practice points should be considered:

1. 301 URL migrations. It is essential from an SEO point of view to ensure that content and URLs are mapped from the old website to the new website using a 301 permanent redirect. Redirections should be carried out on a page-level basis, rather than a site-wide redirection to maintain internal link equity, existing traffic and a good user experience.  Extra care should be taken on well-linked and traffic heavy content pages. It is recommended to carry out a content audit to ensure all website assets have been properly migrated and positioned in the new website structure.

2.Internal Links All internal links on the new website should be updated to reflect the new str…

Top 10 Question - International SEO

1. Is translated content treated as duplicate content? 

No, unless you just translated it using Google Translate.  Auto-generated translations might be considered as spam.

2.  Is the same content posted on different TLDs treated as duplicate content?
If you use different ccTLDs and have hreflang tag in place then you do not have duplicate content issues.

3. Can I use the same metadata on two or three pages in the same language but targeting different countries?
Yes, you can, but before you do so make sure you implement hreflang tag first. 

4. What is hreflang rel='alternate'?

hreflang tag is a useful tag which allows Google to understand which country you are targeting, you may have for example 3 pages in German: one for Germany, the second for Austria and the third one for Switzerland if all have the same content in German you do have duplicated content issues unless you place the hreflang tag which specifies geo and language location for each of them.

5. Where do we have to place hr…

BrightonSEO 2013 Takeways

Although it has been exactly a month since BrightonSEO I decided to share with you my favourite takeaways from BrightonSEO. It is an awesome free SEO conference in a beautiful city, so if you haven't attended yet try to do that next time because it is well worth it!

International SEO –Aleyda Solis SEER Interactive
·        Check where are my current visitors coming from? What keywords and pages are attracting International traffic right now (GA&GWT). ·         Do a keyword research for other countries, use tools such as SEMrush to see SEO visibility in particular countries ·         International SEO isn’t all about translating – It’s about customer behaviour and penetration of services - Research your potential audience using TNS Digital Life or comScore Data Mine. ·         Lexipedia to identify the relevant localized terms. ·         Analyse competitors and their USP, targeted keywords etc. use Google Display Network site to find out more about them  ·         Consider the best …

Responive Design and SEO- how bad or good it really is?

Responsive design is a way of building mobile websites serving the same HTML for all devices and using only CSS media queries to decide the rendering on each device. Ultimately it is one site for every screen, regardless if you shrink your browser or switch devices you will see the same version of the website. 

Google and responsive design
In June 2012 Google stated in their guidelines for mobile SEO that responsive design is their preferred method of building mobile sites. However, there are quite a few arguments working against responsive design when thinking about SEO of pages created that way.
Sure responsive design is great because the website appears on all portable devices exactly in the same way as on a desktop and because it is displayed on the  same URL on all devices all the links go to that one URL.
However with Google being able to understand which site should appear on a certain device regardless of the URL structure (thanks to the introduction of switchboard tags) the only …

How Google Makes Money from Mobile

The Google AdWords Landscape (Infographic)

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The best SEO strategy for 2013

Every year we think what will be the best for our clients when preparing their SEO strategy for the first few months of new year...I already wrote in one of my previous posts what do I think SEO predictions for 2013 will be like, nonetheless looking closely at some of the accounts I manage I need to reiterate some of these points here.

1. Local SEO! 

Look how local can impact your business. Build content rich information for every location/ area you serve (that way you will be also able to create keyword rich location URLs). If you need an inspiration go to ABC Self Store their location pages are absolutely spot on and contain loads of useful information not only in a text version....

Once you have all your pages up and running pay a special attention to placing them on Google Places and getting reviews for them! 
2. Reviews, Reviews, Reviews!
Everybody knows how important these are...need an example of a place which 'overtakes' more local businesses only because it does contain mo…

How to use Vine to share videos?

A new app allowing you to record a looped 6 sec long video #tag it and post instantly to Twitter is out there, bought by Twitter...apparently is the best way to caption the motion...apparently because the app rises questions about social media age restrictions...

Nonetheless, I think that the app is brilliant , I already have it on my iPhone :-) soon might even follow these 9 fashionable people...or maybe not all of them...

Vine is a great app which could definitely offer brands to be more creative in the social world...

1. Why Vine not Viddy or Cinemagram?
Because the app is creative and integrated with Twitter, so the competition fades away big time...and since brands have their extensive database of followers Vine makes good use of that space...

2. Whats all this fuss about a camera and push/stop button?
Instead of bazillion filters to play with you have a simple start&stop function and all 6 seconds to create something amazing between pressing these two...simple as that...ah and…

SEO Predictions for 2013

2012 was rather a challenging year for all SEOs out there, with many algorithm updates of Panda, new updates such as Penguin or EMD our life became definitely harder...
What can we expect in 2013?
Google will keep up with search improvements and this means CHANGES...I am not any SEO wizard and I must say some of my last year SEO prediction didn't come true hence will try to keep my 2013 year predictions rather concise.
After new year I will pay more attention to:
Authorship - as every SEO I already have Google+ profile and even though I don't use it as often as I would like to I see Google recognition of my person in SERPS. Having an established authorship and associating good quality content with it will definitely be the way AJ Kohn states autorship will be bigger than "Panda and Penguin combined"
Rich snippets - I have noticed that websites using rich snippets rank better than their competitors which don't use them... Google loves structured data, s…