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The State of Social Media | 2012

Facebook Timeline - A month after

Facebook Timeline a month later.

Exactly a month ago Facebook launched Timeline for brands.

How did it change our social experiences on Facebook?
Eye-tracking study prepared by EyeTrackShop users spend less time reading Wall posts and ads and more time concentrating on the cover photo of brands' timeline than they used to do on when visiting the old Facebook format.
Here is the proof of that:
Conclusion: Take a good care of your brand/personal timeline cover image and the Facebook applications (they became also more prominent on the new Facebook).
Equally important is the profile image both on the branded pages and on private Facebook accounts as well,  also the job title seems to be drawing more attention than any other profile information.
It looks like we should gather all the important information from above the fold as soon as we land on branded Facebook page. The more outstanding is this area the better for our brand.
Seeing creative timeline cover (timeline cover photos with face a…