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The importance of NoFollow links

No - follow?

Many people think that the Nofollow links are not the ones we should look for.
Yes, sure I agree there is nothing better than a good quality Dofollow link, however there is also a value in Nofollow links.

How does look "nofollow" link?
Nofollow attribute looks in HTML as follows:


The purpose of 'nofollow' link is to give the user a control over the link juice passed through his/hers links. Once you place 'rel="nofollow" the link mentioned with this attribute wont benefit from getting any link-juice from the website where it has been placed, at the same time it wont help with the PageRank flow.

Nofollows are commonly used on blogs comments, pages where from we can get referral (f.e. Wikipedia) and many websites which do not want their link juice to be passed over on the link receiver.

Nofollow and PageRank

The nofollow links wont help us with PageRank boost. In fact nofollow links cause evaporation of  the PageRank pa…

Link building tactics

Creative Link Building

In the current world of Google penalising over optimised websites it is quite crucial to seek creative link building ways...

Some time ago I came across kinetic typography and I recon it can be a great way to get attention and links. So it is high time to turn your great infographic into cool kinetic typography.

In order to create some kinetic typography you will need standard animation programs, such as Adobe Flash, Adobe After Effects, and Apple Motion. The typography is achieved by compositing layers of text so that either individual letters/words can be animated separately from the rest.

Find some kinetic typography tutorials online, seek some typography inspiration and start building your very own.

My favorite but not SEO related kinetic typography is:

Advertising your creativity 

Further more, once you have created your cool infographics or kinetic typography think about publishing it by someone famous or authoritative in your industry...

They can be asked …

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