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New Year New Google domination - what Google will do next...2012 tales

Will Google change web marketing in 2012?

- By changing search results pages
Search results will contain more direct information (f.e. search queries representing direct question will require no longer clicking on the websites in order to find answers to the questions). No deeper pages will be visited...

- Introducing
Google plan is to revolutionise semantic mark- up and challenge webdevelopers to create structured data markup on build by them webpages. Created this way websites would be crawled better by search engines and therefore Google will gather more relevant data about them

- Mastering travel related searches
Try to search for flights from Seattle to San Francisco and see what happens. You will get shown below that information:

Live flights information and  Google Hotel Finder will be mastered by the engineers from  ITA Software, acquired by Google in 2010 software company specialising in airfare and travel management software for airlines and resellers. Google…

The future of digital marketing 2012-2015

Digital Platforms expansion

In the next few years digital marketing platforms will be further developed and in a greater use than ever.
"old" digital marketing platforms such as radio or TV will support further development of the platforms of XXI century such as:

- Internet
- Social media platforms
- Mobiles and tablets

Further Increase in Internet Usage
" There will be no media consumption left in 10 years that is not delivered over an IP network. There will be no newspapers, no magazines that are delivered in paper form. Everything gets delivered in an electronic form..."   Steve Ballmer on the future of digital media 
Social Media usage and interaction are increasing exponentiallyYoY +60%
Digital Marketing Tools  Google InsightGoogle Ad PlannerGoogle AdWordsCore MetricsHitwiseeMarketerKeywordSpyAdthena

Mobile overtaking wired connections

2012- 2015 Changes Behavior - further expansion of ‘Solomoco
Local search outranking global searchesHabit change - using more mobile p…