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Basic SEO guide

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Your SEO & PCC Strategy for Christmas 2012

Xmas Tree (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With only 27 days left to Christmas many of us are thinking how to use this festive period in our SEO strategies.

Christmas is a great period for most of e-commerce websites, especially those ones selling presents, gadgets and gifts. According to Internet Retailing British customers will spend £ 7bn online this Christmas.

How to intensify our SEO before Xmas?

1. Start your SEO campaign 3-6 months prior to busy Christmas period.
2. Make sure your website is also accessible on mobiles, many potential clients of yours will be looking for the Xmas gifts on their mobiles (predicted spent £ 1bn), so you can not afford to miss this valuable traffic.
3. Monitor and optimise your keywords and Christmas trends (Google Trends can help you with that).
4. Analyse your competitors and their Xmas tactic.
5. Create Christmas banners and landing pages.
6. Us the same Christmas target pages every year and switch them off once the Xmas campaign is over, but keep them l…

Search Love 2012

A week ago I was privileged to attend one of the best SEO conferences in this country - SearchLove 2012!

It was a great conference giving us SEOs some insights to the changes happening in the search field.

DAY 1 SearchLove 

I enjoyed the live review of the “Live Site Reviews” - given us by Wil Reynolds, Stephen Pavlovich & Hannah Smith. They points on improving the three discussed websites were spot on.

This was followed by:
1. "The Life of an In-House SEO” - Justin Briggs
2. "The Future of Small Business SEO” - Guy Levine
3. "Beyond Linkbait: First Steps to a Content Strategy” - Mark Johnstone
4. "Let's Get Real” - All Speakers
5. "Chasing Algorithms: Think Deviously, Act Angelic and Never get Hit by a Penalty” - Wil Reynolds
6. "Do Social Signals Actually Play a Part in Search Rankings” - Heather Healy
7. "Growth Hacks” - Mat Clayton
8. "Head to Head: Inbound Marketing on a Shoestring” - Rand Fishkin
9. Head to Head: Inbound Marketing …

Disavow links

Finally after months of contacting website owners and trying to find the original owner of the 'suspicious links' we're finally going to be able to disavow some of the bad SEO linking building that was done in the past.

Today (16th of October 2012) Google has finally released a new tool 'Disavow links'. So that now we will be able to remove all the suspicious links (paid links, link exchanges, or other link schemes that violate Google's quality guidelines) ourselves without any need to get in touch with the websites owners/ web developers.

How to use 'Disavow links'?

Ok, so ever since we got notified about the 'unnatural links' pointing out to our site we had removed as many 'bad links',as possible so far but we still have some of them and it looks like we  cannot do anything about taking them down...That is the moment where 'disavow links' tool comes in place. Visit the Disavow links page to discover.

At the next step you will t…

Link Building after Google Penguin Update

Link Building after Google Penguin Update

Google Penguin is the name for an algorithm that seeks to correct the ranking of websites
using methods which violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Penguin was released on 24th of  April 2012 and was all about ensuring that websites returned by searches were of high quality, and correcting rankings by discounting patterns of behaviour it considers to be link spam (widely used tactics implemented by 'black hat SEOs'). According to Google’s estimates,Penguin affected around 3.1% of search queries in English, about 3% of queries in German, Chinese, and Arabic, and an even bigger percentage of "highly-spammed" languages (with around 5% of search queries in my native Polish language -brr!).

So how should you go about link building after Google Penguin?

The key thing is to forget about getting poor quality links, and adding them all in one go. Aim to get links from authoritative, popular domains in your niche. Evaluate your link pr…

Rich Snippets | Infographic

List of 100 Great Paid Directories!

1 Introduction

Paid directories can be beneficial for clients from an SEO perspective by providing visibility to potential visitors. In some instances the major paid directories can rank higher than some websites for a particular term. It is imperative that all clients appear in these directories.
Links coming from authoritative paid directories are valuable since they are being accepted upon editorial check. Editorial part of the link guarantees that the best links are being accepted to a certain directory and listed alongside some other valued websites. Many paid directories do not accept spam sites therefore appearing on the best paid non local directories is still an important part of a legitimate link building. The goal of paid link is to build the number of valuable links pointing to the site.

2 Factors and Method Used when choosing paid directories

There are many factors that determine which directories are good for paid submissions:
- SERPs appearance – If the directories rank …

Google Penguin VS Google Panda [INFOGRAPHIC]

We all love animals, at least as long they do not come nowhere near to SEO...

Difference between Google Penguin & Panda Infographic by Reload Media

The SEOgadget Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

Google+ for Business

AdWords Guide

Have you been thinking of
starting your first PPC campaign but do not know where to start and how to create your very first PPC ad?

Here is a very useful visual guide prepared by Distilled, graphically explaining the few first step we ought to take before we start PPC.

Enjoy :-)

Click image to open interactive version (via Simply Business).

The State of Social Media | 2012

Facebook Timeline - A month after

Facebook Timeline a month later.

Exactly a month ago Facebook launched Timeline for brands.

How did it change our social experiences on Facebook?
Eye-tracking study prepared by EyeTrackShop users spend less time reading Wall posts and ads and more time concentrating on the cover photo of brands' timeline than they used to do on when visiting the old Facebook format.
Here is the proof of that:
Conclusion: Take a good care of your brand/personal timeline cover image and the Facebook applications (they became also more prominent on the new Facebook).
Equally important is the profile image both on the branded pages and on private Facebook accounts as well,  also the job title seems to be drawing more attention than any other profile information.
It looks like we should gather all the important information from above the fold as soon as we land on branded Facebook page. The more outstanding is this area the better for our brand.
Seeing creative timeline cover (timeline cover photos with face a…

The importance of NoFollow links

No - follow?

Many people think that the Nofollow links are not the ones we should look for.
Yes, sure I agree there is nothing better than a good quality Dofollow link, however there is also a value in Nofollow links.

How does look "nofollow" link?
Nofollow attribute looks in HTML as follows:


The purpose of 'nofollow' link is to give the user a control over the link juice passed through his/hers links. Once you place 'rel="nofollow" the link mentioned with this attribute wont benefit from getting any link-juice from the website where it has been placed, at the same time it wont help with the PageRank flow.

Nofollows are commonly used on blogs comments, pages where from we can get referral (f.e. Wikipedia) and many websites which do not want their link juice to be passed over on the link receiver.

Nofollow and PageRank

The nofollow links wont help us with PageRank boost. In fact nofollow links cause evaporation of  the PageRank pa…

Link building tactics

Creative Link Building

In the current world of Google penalising over optimised websites it is quite crucial to seek creative link building ways...

Some time ago I came across kinetic typography and I recon it can be a great way to get attention and links. So it is high time to turn your great infographic into cool kinetic typography.

In order to create some kinetic typography you will need standard animation programs, such as Adobe Flash, Adobe After Effects, and Apple Motion. The typography is achieved by compositing layers of text so that either individual letters/words can be animated separately from the rest.

Find some kinetic typography tutorials online, seek some typography inspiration and start building your very own.

My favorite but not SEO related kinetic typography is:

Advertising your creativity 

Further more, once you have created your cool infographics or kinetic typography think about publishing it by someone famous or authoritative in your industry...

They can be asked …

SEO girl social life on Facebook

Facebook Timeline - For Better or For Worse?

Is it not great to be able to tell your  life story said via unique image that represents you best?

It looks like from 31th of March 2012  we will all have to switch our current Facebook pages to the new format and implement our own Facebook timeline stories.

When doing so make sure that your timeline cover - the first thing people see when they visit your timeline is spot on. Open up your Photoshop and design the best cover ever, as seen below :

If you need some inspiration Google the best ones.

Place events, milestones and other important events from your life, share and comment on your own and friends wall posts, listen to the music together with your friends. Decide what to highlight and simply engage with new Facebook timeline.

Express yourself through various easily accessible apps, including my favourite Pinterest.

Whatever you do on your new Facebook timeline remember to make a good use of the new Facebook timeline dimensions: 

Is then new Facebook timeline for better of for worse?


Martyna's SEO Predictions for 2012..

Here is my belated post regarding SEO prediction for 2012...I wrote it originally when I still was working for my old company - CLickThrough Marketing...but since it is a nice post I guess its worth sharing here too:-)
When it comes to making predictions, no-one has an infallible magic crystal ball. But here at ClickThrough, we’ve got Senior SEO Account Exec, Martyna Sroka – our very own Mystic (Marketing) Meg. She’s gazed into the future of SEO and drawn some conclusions about the industry in 2012. Of course, nobody can predict for certain what Google, Yahoo! or Microsoft have up their sleeves. But Martyna’s run the risk of embarrassment in 12 months’ time, and put together a list of her predictions for the coming year. We’ll be back in 2013 to mock her if she gets any of these wrong. SEO in 2012 needs to be supported by a strong social media marketing strategy with an increasing focus on Google+. We’ll see more big businesses adopting heavily-optimised Brand Pages on the young social ne…

New Year New Google domination - what Google will do next...2012 tales

Will Google change web marketing in 2012?

- By changing search results pages
Search results will contain more direct information (f.e. search queries representing direct question will require no longer clicking on the websites in order to find answers to the questions). No deeper pages will be visited...

- Introducing
Google plan is to revolutionise semantic mark- up and challenge webdevelopers to create structured data markup on build by them webpages. Created this way websites would be crawled better by search engines and therefore Google will gather more relevant data about them

- Mastering travel related searches
Try to search for flights from Seattle to San Francisco and see what happens. You will get shown below that information:

Live flights information and  Google Hotel Finder will be mastered by the engineers from  ITA Software, acquired by Google in 2010 software company specialising in airfare and travel management software for airlines and resellers. Google…

The future of digital marketing 2012-2015

Digital Platforms expansion

In the next few years digital marketing platforms will be further developed and in a greater use than ever.
"old" digital marketing platforms such as radio or TV will support further development of the platforms of XXI century such as:

- Internet
- Social media platforms
- Mobiles and tablets

Further Increase in Internet Usage
" There will be no media consumption left in 10 years that is not delivered over an IP network. There will be no newspapers, no magazines that are delivered in paper form. Everything gets delivered in an electronic form..."   Steve Ballmer on the future of digital media 
Social Media usage and interaction are increasing exponentiallyYoY +60%
Digital Marketing Tools  Google InsightGoogle Ad PlannerGoogle AdWordsCore MetricsHitwiseeMarketerKeywordSpyAdthena

Mobile overtaking wired connections

2012- 2015 Changes Behavior - further expansion of ‘Solomoco
Local search outranking global searchesHabit change - using more mobile p…