How to start SEO?

1.Buy a domain name corresponding to the content of your site.

2. Build a web site in accordance with the "Best Practice".

3. Put the website on a server.

and start SEO

1. Sign up for Google Analytics to track visits to your site.

2. Start by indexing your website in all major search engines (let Google know about your website using Google Webmaster Tools - ste the target of your website).

3. Place a link to your site in all reputable directories (BOW, Yahoo, Dmoz etc.)

4. Place Page on Google Places, so that your search results page shows on the Google Maps/ Places.

5. Start exchanging links with pages thematically similar to your (insert the "Links" on your website and put there links pages that have placed your link).

6.  Develop your positioning strategy suitable for users of your site.



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