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How to start SEO?

1.Buy adomain namecorrespondingto the content ofyour site.

2. Build awebsitein accordance with the"BestPractice".

3.Put the website on a server.

and startSEO

1. Sign upfor GoogleAnalyticsto trackvisits toyour site.

2. Start byindexingyour websitein all majorsearch engines (let Google know about your website using Google Webmaster Tools - ste the target of your website).

3.Place a linkto your sitein allreputabledirectories (BOW, Yahoo, Dmoz etc.)

4. PlacePageon GooglePlaces, so thatyoursearch resultspageshows on theGoogleMaps/ Places.

5.Startexchanging linkswith pagesthematicallysimilar toyour(insertthe "Links" on your website andputtherelinkspages thathave placedyourlink).

6. Developyourpositioningstrategysuitable forusers of yoursite.